Supreme Fertility™ is the latest addition to our health and wellness products and it is a natural fertility program developed in South Africa.

Our approach is unique and our programme offers consultations, guidance, supplementation and genetic testing. We want couples on our programme to be the healthiest they can be when getting pregnant.

Thousands of men and women are searching for answers to boost their fertility and to get pregnant. There is a lot of conflicting and confusing information but we at Supreme Fertility™ will help you with answers that are scientifically based. As important as it is to know how to boost your fertility, it is just as important to know what to avoid. But what makes you unique is your DNA – and that is the key ingredient to the success of Supreme Fertility™. It is designed to give you more information about what is right for you as an individual, including the effects of epigenetics.

Finding that balance between what your genes want, your epigenetics (environment) and what is medically recommended for optimum fertility, is what sets Supreme Fertility™ apart.

The programme is aimed at couples: 

  • With unexplained infertility 
  • When physical causes of infertility have been excluded 
  • Preconception – to ensure optimal health 
  • Before IVF and other treatments 
  • With a personal or family history of infertility and/or miscarriages 

Product Packs

The Supreme Fertility™ range of nutritional products contains a wide range of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin B complex and other vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support fertility in men and women.

It has been carefully and uniquely formulated and each ingredient plays a specific role in optimal fertility.

The Supreme Fertility Products are currently out of stock – new stock will be available from mid June.

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