Winter isn’t most people’s favourite season and even more so when you are trying to lose weight. Days become shorter, nights longer and the cold has you wanting to nibble on anything your fingers can find to “comfort” your cold self. You crave warm foods, desserts & hot chocolate and you feel it comforts you when eating or drinking these foods.

Comfort eating in winter leads to uncomfortable summers. But don’t let the winter blues beat you, remember: “summer bodies are made in winter”. By keeping this in mind, you will feel motivated to eat clean during the winter months and feel the benefits right through warmer months. 

What do you do when the craving for comfort food knocks on your stomach?

We have put together a few Slender Wonder tips for you:

  1. Hot chocolate craving: heat up your Slender Wonder Shake in the morning and you have a similar hot chocolate effect.
  2. Warm foods: We have several recipes in the Slender Wonder recipe book that will ease your “comfort food” craving.
  3. It has been shown that, when you are having food cravings, brushing your teeth can settle those cravings.
  4. Warm an apple in the microwave, add cinnamon & sweetener and hey presto, you have a delicious baked apple dessert.
  5. Try going for a walk, doing yoga or pilates. This exercise will not only benefit your health, but also help your weight loss and speed up your metabolism.
  6. Exercise your mind: winter is the perfect time to learn something new. Start a new course, challenge yourself with crossword puzzles or Sudoku or simply pick up a good book.
  7. Hobbies are a great way to make new friends and catch up with old ones. Knitting, cycling, painting, horse riding, playing an instrument and restoring old furniture are all good for mind, body and soul.
  8. Most importantly; keep busy to keep your mind off of food.
  9. Always make sure you are well hydrated, drink 2–3 litres of water per day. Often dehydration is a cause of cravings.
  10. Make sure to get enough sleep, as the more alert you are, the less likely you are to succumb to cravings.

Reward yourself at the end of winter with a new outfit. You’re looking great, you’re feeling great and you’re ready for summer.

Beat the winter blues and prove to yourself that you can maximise your weight loss efforts during winter too.

You CAN do this!

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