What is the secret to the success of the Slender Wonder Programme?

This is a question that is often asked of those who have participated in one of our weight-loss programmes. Most often, it is the impressive appearance of a markedly slimmer colleague, friend or family member who has recently completed a Slender Wonder programme that will have led to this question. The answer is on the one hand quite simple. However, today’s successes are the result of intensive research conducted over many years, and then distilled to the point where the underlying complexity of the programme is overshadowed by the relative ease with which patients  are enabled to achieve dramatic losses over an impressively short period.

The simplified explanation that was hinted at above lies in the fact that Slender Wonder physicians adopt a more holistic approach than the manufacturers of proprietary slimming aids when compiling a weight-loss programme. This is to say that not only do they aim to minimise the intake of fattening foods, but they also ensure that subjects maintain an adequate supply of those nutrients important to the development of healthy, lean muscles.

Among the various factors that can often serve to deter many would-be slimmers from continuing with their particular weight-loss regimen is the additional time and expense of shopping for the special foods that are frequently mandated as key components of such a diet. Taste too is important. While cashew nuts, coconut oil, prunes and linseed all contain essential nutrients, such as minerals, amino acids and vitamins, even the linseed is palatable while all of the others taste really good. By contrast, powdered chlorella and spirulina or wheat grass, although even more nutritious are definitely not most people’s favourites.

A Slender Wonder diet, however, is based upon normal foods purchased from ordinary grocery stores that reflect the tastes that most of us know and love. As the result of ensuring their low GI composition, meals can often lack all of the essential ingredients. To rectify this, our strategy is twofold. Certain meals, such as breakfast, are often supplied in the form of meal replacement shakes that are rich in the proteins and amino acids necessary for the growth of lean and healthy muscles, along with minerals and vitamins. At other times, these essential nutrient supplements are supplied in the form of timed-release capsules. Supplied in this manner, any tastes that a subject may find unpleasant are avoided.

While at this point the programme is beginning to reflect the holistic approach mentioned earlier, there is still one important area to be addressed. The legacy of a lifestyle that has become too reliant on processed foods is that the additives in these products often have an adverse effect on metabolism. Our Slender Wonder programmes focus on both causes and effect, and in this case, the effect of additives can be to disturb the mechanism responsible for appetite control. Although each programme is tailored to the starting mass, general health and lifestyle factors, measures to correct this imbalance are a common theme.

A qualified and specially-trained physician will conduct a programme of injections to normalise hormone production and appetite control, thus ensuring that the reduced, but highly-nutritious meal portions remain sufficiently satisfying to overcome the temptation to cheat.

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