A medical weight loss programme differs from regular diets. Slender Wonder weight loss doctors are focused on treating the causes of your weight gain, rather than what’s on the surface. Slender Wonder doctors formulate a custom medical weight loss programme geared to fit your unique needs for losing weight and for living a healthier lifestyle.

What is the Difference between a Diet and Medical Weight Loss Diet?

A diet is usually a temporary eating plan that promises to make users lose weight in a certain amount of time. Even though people have used crash diets for decades, they don’t work for healthy, sustainable weight loss. A medical weight loss programme will make you think of food in a way you might not have before.

Food is fuel for the body and the old saying is true; “you are what you eat”. Healthier choices for your daily food will have a direct impact on the way you feel and, eventually, on the way you look.

The benefits of a medical weight loss programme don’t stop at weight loss. Your obesity related symptoms will decrease, and you’ll have extra knowledge to pass these healthy, sustainable habits on to your family too!

How a Medical Weight Loss Programme Can Benefit You and Your Family

Once you learn to see food as fuel, you will be more conscientious when it comes to what you feed your family. Children who are taught bad eating habits at home are more likely to struggle with obesity than those who learn healthy eating habits from a young age.

Slender Wonder is where your health is a way of life, and we would love for you to share it from our family to yours.

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