Frequently asked questions

Do the supplements contain stimulants?
Slender Wonder products contain NO stimulants
Will I need to continue using the supplements when I’ve reached my goal weight?
You do not need to continue using the supplements once you reach your goal weight; however you may wish to continue taking certain products. The Slender Wonder supplements are convenient nutritional supplements, which complement your ongoing healthy lifestyle.
Can I follow the Slender Wonder programme if I have type 2 diabetes or other health problems?
The Slender Wonder medically supervised diet program has helped many people to improve their blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and general health, at the same time as losing weight. Your Slender Wonder doctor will ask you about your full medical history at your first appointment. Your Slender Wonder doctor will design an eating plan that best suits you. Don’t hesitate to speak to your Slender Wonder doctor if you have any concerns.
I travel and/or eat out often, can I succeed with Slender Wonder?
Slender Wonder is all about choices. People with busy lifestyles have successfully lost weight with Slender Wonder – willpower and healthy choices were the foundation of their success.
Will I ever be able to eat 'normally' again?
During the maintenance phase of the programme, Slender Wonder helps you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. This becomes your new ‘normal’. Maintaining your goal weight is as simple as continuing with your new-found healthy lifestyle.
Do I need to buy special foods?
Slender Wonder is a low GI diet and all the food you consume on the programme can be found at big-brand UK supermarkets.
Will I need to cook separately for myself and the rest of my family?
You won’t necessarily need to cook two meals. Size your portions correctly and your whole family can benefit from our healthy eating plan. The Slender Wonder programme is good food, in the right quantities to support healthy weight loss.
What happens if I cheat?
Your Slender Wonder Doctor is here to support you and will give you some great strategies to avoid having those “cheat days”. There is also lots of help and advice on our blog. If you do succumb to temptation and cheat, you will slow down your weight-loss. The good news is that once you get back onto the plan, you will start losing again.
How is the Slender Wonder programme different to other diet plans?
Slender Wonder is different because our programme is medically supported, helping you to quickly and safely lose weight. People who have been through the Slender Wonder programme report that they have made lasting lifestyle changes which helps them to not just lose weight, but to keep it off.
Can I follow the Slender Wonder program while breastfeeding?
Patients who are breastfeeding are able to follow the Slender Wonder programme with certain modifications. Patients who are breastfeeding must not do the detox phase and should not take Herbaboost, as the supplement is not intended to be consumed by infants.
Do not hesitate to discuss following the Slender Wonder programme while breastfeeding with your Slender Wonder doctor. They will be able to provide personalised guidance on how best to follow the programme and provide all the nutrition your baby needs.
Can I consume alcohol while on the Slender Wonder programme?
When you consume alcohol, the body digests it into sugar, which reduces the effects of the Slender Wonder programme and inhibits the supplements from working effectively. That one glass of wine could set your weight loss back 3 to 5 days, it’s just not worth it! The Slender Wonder blog contains some suggestions for delicious, decadent drinks to enjoy on special occasions and, best of all, they are Slender Wonder-approved!
What exercise should I be doing during the weight loss phase?
During the weight loss phase of the Slender Wonder programme you should aim to walk briskly for 20-30 minutes each day (1 to 2 miles). Alternatively, mix it up by swapping your brisk walk for 20-30 minutes of brisk cardiovascular exercise. What you do is up to you, just make sure you’re getting active and working up a light sweat.

Phone or video Appointments

Due to Covid-19 appointments are now delivered via phone or video. Should a face to face appointment be needed, such an appointment would be arranged with you.

To make a phone or video appointment with Dr. Kim Prescott or Dr. Tania Schroeder located in Cobham, Wandsworth and Esher you can find their details here here: PSMD Clinic or Dr Kim Prescott Clinic or book an appointment now.

Weight management consultations are conducted through a CQC registered clinic in Cobham.

Dr Kim Prescott

Dr Tania Schroeder

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Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss programme, administered only by Slender Wonder trained and accredited doctors. We are here to help you find your local accredited Slender Wonder Doctor and to answer any questions you might have about the programme. Go on, get in touch today!

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