Unless you’re one of the many Brits who chooses to buy their groceries online, a trip to the supermarket is a necessary evil. Here are three mistakes to avoid at the supermarket, while on a diet.

Buying in bulk

It can be tempting to choose a bigger bag, a bigger box or a bigger bottle of something at the supermarket. We tell ourselves we are doing it because it is on offer, because we are saving money, or because we can keep it for guests or special occasions.

It is almost impossible to resist the temptation to pick at these bigger packages here and there. Stick to buying when, what and in the quantities you need, when you are on a weight loss programme. Where there is no temptation, there is no deviation.

Shopping on an empty stomach

Finding time to do the shopping can be challenging, but do yourself a favour and have a piece of fruit as part of your snack and daily allowance, before you enter the supermarket. Alternatively, do the shopping after a meal or ask someone else to shop for you.

If you shop on an empty stomach, your blood glucose level is likely to be low and it will be more difficult to stay focused and more difficult to avoid your cravings.

No shopping list

You are more likely to purchase things you do not need, if you fail to go to the supermarket with a shopping list in hand. The noise, colours, samples and smells all take your attention away from the essentials that you need. Using a list means your fridge stays stocked with everything you need and is always ready to go.

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