Many people have the same excuse when it comes to why they haven’t joined the gym: “where will I find the time?” Truthfully the gym might be a great place to work out, but so is everywhere else including your home, neighbourhood or even office. So, there are no excuses to avoid working out!

1. Try to Make Your Daily Commute Your Exercise Time

If you are lucky enough to work close to home and it is safe to do so, make your trip to work your daily exercise. Walking or even cycling to work is a great way to ensure you get your required hours of exercise every week. For those on a medical weight loss journey, exercise is often not a choice, but a necessity. This small change in your daily routine can see you take huge leaps towards your weight loss goals.

2. Use the Stairs

We’ve all heard this one before, and that is because it’s true. If you take the stairs instead of the lift you could be adding as many as one hundred steps or more per day without changing anything else in your daily routine.

3. Get an Exercise Ball for Your Desk and Do Other “Deskercises”

Sitting on an exercise or Yoga ball at your desk for some of the day, if not the whole day, is one way to engage your core as your body is constantly making small adjustments to restore balance. If this isn’t possible for your work situation, you can always get some weights to lift while you think about what to write in that email, or even take the stairs to go visit a colleague. The smallest increase in physical activity will make a difference in your weight loss journey.

4. Get Moving While You Watch the Kids

After having children many women start a new weight loss routine to lose the baby weight. Any mother will tell you that children are hard work. If you can’t find childcare to give you an hour to go the gym, you can still workout with the kids around. Try including your children in your exercise efforts; kick a ball around, play tag, or have a race. You will get some exercise and your kids will love it. This is a great way to forget about weight loss for a moment and just have some fun while exercising. And this isn’t just great weight loss for mum; dads can definitely get involved too!

5. Do Calf Raises While You Brush Your Teeth

This is the perfect example of how you can fit exercise into all the moments of your day if you really want to. Weight loss is about making many small changes to improve your health. Doing exercises while doing something you do every day is a great way to burn some extra calories without disrupting your day to day life. As an example you can do calf raises or sit ups while you brush your teeth. This way you can spend five minutes, twice a day, multitasking your way to a more healthy you.

6. Take a Buddy to the Gym

Taking on the social aspect of exercise proves to be very effective. By committing not only to exercise but to meet up with someone else, you are much less likely to ditch the gym. Knowing you will be dropping your friend and breaking an agreement if you do not go will make you more motivated to carry through with your workout plans.

The active aspect of going out with friends doesn’t need to be stuffed into a gym session. You could make any night out with friends active by suggesting something new to do rather than your usual dinner out and a film. Perhaps you could organize a game of tennis or go out dancing. It doesn’t even have to cost money, walking and talking with a friend is an entertaining way to spend an hour and stick to your weight loss plan too.

7. Stretch First Thing in the Morning

If you make a habit of stretching as you wake up, you will start each day right. Stretching will also help prevent back pain and other injuries. Adding stretching to your morning routine will rid your body of stiffness so that you feel ready for your warm up when the time comes to exercise. The increased blood flow will help to wake you up and function efficiently.

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